How to manage your queens and larva efficiently in starcraft Pandora Dangles Charms 2 How to manage your queens and larva efficiently in starcraft 2 The zerg is very unique when than the other races.The zerg are unique because of the ability to manage larva.Unlike an additional two races, zerg use the larva to associated with units.Plus this difference, the zerg also has to sacrifice a drone in order to produce a building, they may only place structures on creep, and they've got only one building to produce units from. The first and vital task in playing zerg is managing Pandora Beads UK your queens.You must have at least 1 queen at each hatchery to keep up with your macro.Numerous starcraft 2 zerg guides will have approaches using a hotkey for this system, but here is the well organized way of spitting larva. Ideally hit the control group for queen, select v(Throw larva), Hold transfer, Touched backspace(Proceeds the screen to a hatchery)And click the hatchery.While grasping shift, you want to press backspace and click on solitary hatchery that comes great deals up. This is the handiest macro for spit larva.You also have to manage your larva correctly and guarantee the timing is right.You want to make sure you scout the other fighter and if you see that the other person is not going for an early rush, you want to make certain you pump out as many drones as possible.