Alex shnaider looks poised to peddle Air Jordan 7 Eighteen months throughout the, alex shnaider had the hearts of Canadian racing fans fluttering with excitement and expectations over the idea of a"Canadian"Team in criteria one. Shnaider, a russian born canadian citizen/billionaire based in toronto and 36 years old during the time, had bought the money strapped jordan f 1 team, which right bash 2005 season would become midland f 1 named wedding and reception midland group, the privately operated, multi million dollar, precious metal, shipping and land production company that shnaider heads. That the jordan/midland team rolled into montreal for last year's grand prix of canada at circuit gilles villeneuve, scenario of drivers tiago monteiro of portugal and narain karthikeyan, who last season first showed as the first indian in f 1, also carried a distinctly canadian flavour with what it's all about"Retrieve hockey"Written on the perimeters. Suitable to receive shnaider, a huge greater toronto area maple leafs fan, it was his way of letting canadians know how he felt about the lack of hockey last year because of the nhl lockout. A individually jordans for sale canadian entry on the f 1 grid was never in the cards, reality, and now there's the potential the canadian connection through shnaider might be severed in light of reports the team soon could be sold to a group of dutch investors. A range led by michiel mol, founder of the dutch website firm, lost boys which on a financial basis backs dutchman christijan albers, who replaced karthikeyan as a driver with the team this season has offered shnaider around us$128 million for the team. The offer was reportedly made aboard shnaider's yacht, midlandia, last month in monaco grand prix. While rumours about the possible sale of the team have swirled since he acquired it, this offer from a company that has been involved in f 1 for quite a while as a sponsor and had interest in buying minardi last year before it was snatched up by red bull owner dietrich mateschitz(Who looked it into scuderia toro rosso, a second red bull startup in f 1)Is being given thinking. "I honestly wish i hadn't usual this offer, shnaider told a toronto classifieds three weeks ago. "It is just about the most difficult business decisions i have ever had to make, because i have invested not just money in the team.I have used up my dreams, Added midland spokesperson ron fine: "The thing that alex hopes to emphasize here is that he would be perfectly content to continue with our plan and to achieve the goals we set out at the team's launch.And if he has uncertain issues, it would cost a lot more to get back in the rooms later on, Shnaider says in f 1 was a dream for him, but the dream from day 1 was to own russian flag, not the walnut leaf, adorn the livery of his cars as the first entry in the 56 year history of the f 1 world championship to race with a russian motorsport licence and thereby opening the door to the potential for his native country eventually getting a race. "However, the team will provide a russian flavour, shnaider said last november, adding he hoped to lease f 1's first russian driver as well, quite roman rusinov, among the list of test drivers in the team's fold. "[Also] I do hope eventually it will likely be a Grand Prix in Russia.It's a large market with a growing middle class and a lot of international companies are considering it as a future market. "Russia would get very positive exposure from staging an equation one race, and it would be a pleasure for me to be a key component in making Air Jordan 12 that happen, A local of st.Petersburg, shnaider remarkable family, which are jewish, emigrated to israel by the use of ukraine when he was four.Nine years later his family was pleasant toronto, where his parents ran a deli in a mainly russian sector north of downtown and where shnaider stocked shelves with goods and cleaned floors. He attended tied in hebrew schools of toronto, mackenzie collegiate and york collage, where he done a degree in economics.While still living yourself, on the, he began trading textiles and electronics as the former soviet union was on the verge of collapse and he eventually found his way to a job in a steel trading house in swiss before opening his own in belgium. "His prices were huge, sharing, believe that, a $40 microwave oven for $150 worth of coil steel, which he sold to asian experienced potential people. "As in russian federation, disputes among steel traders sometimes ended strongly;At least seven steel operatives were assassinated in ukraine in the 1990s.But shnaider quickly learned how to keep people happy a feature of his business. Forbes has placed shnaider's net worth at $1.4 billion by means of trading Ukrainian steel and controlling Zaporizhstal, Among the largest steel mills in the united kingdom.Under midland equipment, which is disclosed in guernsey, an english tax haven, the holding company owns an source of electricity grid in armenia, airport places, bakeries and a meat providing company in serbia, a material mill in volgograd, the ussr, and an business building complex and casino in downtown moscow. In higher toronto, shnaider is believed to be a major partner with real estate giant donald trump in the making of the trump international hotel and tower in the heart of the city's financial district.The $500 million project is made up of 70 storey hotel and condo project, where condos will vary from $2.5 if you want to actually $15 million. Shnaider wonderful wife, simona, who also emigrated from russia and whom he met in higher toronto, have three kids.A fan of f 1 physical fitness, shnaider saw the door open to owning a team when irishman eddie jordan could no longer keep jordan grand prix afloat after 14 years as owner and team key. The deal was over jan.24 of yr after, With Shnaider paying Jordan US$50 million a bargain considering by taking over an existing team, Rather than operating an entirely new one, He avoided having to pay out $48 million for F 1's entry bond. Racing it is in the jordan name last season, the team struggled in the rear of the grid with monteiro and karthikeyan.Once in a lifetime prix, where only six cars raced when tire maker michelin said it unsafe for teams it supplied tires for to race. With monteiro and albers this season manoeuvreing the m16 car, a nice"100% treatment of MF1 Racing, The team has yet to attain a point.Albers's best result was 11th nationwide and monterio, a 12th in the ecu grand prix. The team does look headed in the right direction, yet.Among monteiro, it gained the second of the third leg qualifying format somebody in charge of this season on the eve of the british grand prix two weeks ago at silverstone, next door from midland's team headquarters. Now the only real question for you is in air jordans: whose hands could the team possibly be in the coming weeks. (Chemical)Canwest mediaworks catalogues inc. Stephen harper wraps up israel trip at sterling sites, chook sanctuarycapernaum, israel prime minister stephen harper toured some of the biggest sites in biblical history wednesday including where.