Int stock message board and homepage forum Int stock message board and Pandora Jewelry Sale forum The beyond expected dau growth was largely driven by rapid growth in mobile engagement, which taped 22 million daus, up in Pandora Bracelets Canada 12 million in q4/11.Payer transmission, as measured by what amount of monthly unique payers(Mup)Broken down by monthly unique users(Muu), Was probably 1.9% and in step with his expectation.Bear in mind, bookings per mup per month was negatively impacted by growth in mobile usage and came in below objectives of $37.0 to be found located on $34.6.Total reservations grew 15% y/y to $329.2 million in comparison with Graham forecast of $320.2 million and agreement estimate of $315.0 million.Management indicated that almost all the y/y growth in bookings came from strength in mobile.Adjusted ebitda was $87 million versus graham and consensus estimate of $79 million driven largely by compared to expected bookings.Airs of.06 beat his and complete estimate of.05 despite a slightly higher tax rate(27% as contrasted with.His calculate of 23%)Caused by a higher proportion of us profits.Although graham believes the company aggressive mobile growth strategy will pay off in the long term, he believes it entails risk and uncertainness, which will keep us on the sidelines Clip(Pg Pandora Charms Canada 3)Salman assessment of spin out